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Clean Up Your Credit Report and Score Yourself Quickly

Credit scores and what shows on your credit report can make all the difference in getting that new home or car that you are wanting to purchase. Even if your credit scores are good enough to get the loan, the lower the score the higher your interest rates will be. There are ways to repair your credit report and increase your scores. Bad credit can be repaired to allow you to get the loan. Good credit can also be repaired to allow for you to get the loan at an interest rate that will save you a lot of money.


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How to clear mistakes from your credit report

Have you ever been horrified to discover errors on your credit report? Such inaccuracies can and should strike fear into any conscientious consumer’s heart because of their punishing consequences.

What consequences, you ask? Well, they can result in higher interest rates whenever you borrow money, and they can even affect your ability to qualify for credit, insurance, employment or rental housing.


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How Do I Correct My Credit Report? Steps to Fix Issues

Easy steps to fix a potential problem

If you find something on your credit report that doesn’t seem right, this quick video from TransUnion tells you what to do. Learn how to contact creditors and the credit reporting companies.

Repairing your credit: Go it alone or hire a credit repair company?

Every consumer who uses credit has a credit record — and is it ever powerful.

Every time you apply for credit or a loan, creditors obtain your credit record to verify your worthiness. But, the use of these reports has broadened. Insurance companies have begun to use them to determine premiums or deny coverage. Potential employers may even want to check out your credit worthiness.


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Is Credit Repair Right for Me?

credit repair

The bottom line.

It sounds, on the surface, like the Do-it-Yourself credit repair model is always the way to go, but you’d be wrong drawing that conclusion. Dealing with the credit reporting agencies isn’t easy. Your well-written dispute letter to the credit bureaus is homogenized into a 3-digit code, which is then sent over the Internet using a system called E-Oscar to the company that furnished the offending credit entry, usually a lender or a collection agency. At that point it’s up to the furnisher to A) understand what you’re disputing and, B) take time to investigate your claim.


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