Sinking in Debt: How to Keep Your Head Above Water

When you search the web for “how to get out of debt?” It seems many have a secret recipe to doing it fast. A blitz occurs on your monitor with thousands of articles containing the secret, the five easy steps, the 30-second guide, or (my favorite one) “the real secret.” But if it’s so simple, then why are there still so many Americans drowning in debt?

My opinion? We are not approaching this debt issue the right way. I’ve been there before — time for a change! You are motivated to pay off all of your credit cards once and for all. You make a plan, you stick to it, and you do it. You are very proud of yourself and you finally have some extra money to breathe and not feel tight every month. But a couple years pass by and suddenly you find yourself in the same situation or worse than before.

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