10 Tips for Buying a Car in 2014

If you’re thinking about buying a car in 2014, start planning and budgeting now. Car buying is costly — typically the second most expensive purchase that most Americans make after their homes. To avoid making a bad decision, follow these 10 tips for car buying in 2014.

Decide what you can afford

Decide between new or used

Narrow your buying choices…


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One comment on “10 Tips for Buying a Car in 2014

  1. Anigilaje says:

    But you do still *have* a budget thguoh, no? It’s just living in your head and not on paper, so you’re able to manage it better. I looooove my budget. I use Mint.com. I like it because it’s quick, and takes no time at all to set up an manage, and helps me see where I am at throughout the month.

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