5 Things You Can Do This Week to Start Growing Your Wealth

Three years ago, I broke free from being broke. I was 26 at the time and was worth as much then as the day I was born back in 1984. I decided that 26 years was enough time to learn that I didn’t want to be broke anymore. I knew what I needed to know. I knew growing your wealth meant:

  • Our culture wants me to be broke.
  • No one else will look after my money but me.
  • Friends and family will encourage me to spend my money and buy nice things.
  • Life is packed full of unexpected, expensive things that I’ll have to pay for.
  • If I have kids, their college will be expensive.
  • My income is my biggest wealth building tool.
  • I never want to borrow money again.
  • Being broke brings me stress and anxiety.
  • I won’t be at my job forever.


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